Commercial Addition

Commercial Addition gives you the space for your business needs to thrive.  A Commercial Addition is an add on to your building. This means building an additional room, an additional garage. It can mean even adding an entire wing to your building.

Business needs change, you and your space must adapt in order to continue the forward movement! You may have also considered an interior remodel to make better use of the space you have. However,  you also have another option: COMMERCIAL ADDITION.

Historic Building Addition

JLC  specializes in additions, restorations and re-purposing of historic buildings.  It is vital to keep the design and integrity of the existing structure. A Commercial Addition to a Historic Building requires planning, permitting and expertise in making the changes to the structure while keeping the historic integrity.

Turning your dream into a reality is something we do. Knowing how to work with the city and county requirements for older and historic space additions is what we have been doing since 1999. We know how to obtain the required permits.  Working with the required agencies for Historic Building Additions and Renovations is one of our strengths.

Considerations for Commercial Addition

If you need more space, the questions revolve around the pros and cons of moving real estate or hiring a contractor for a commercial addition. When your business is established, recognized, has been in the same location for a long time, or is located on a prime piece of real estate, then please carefully consider what you would be giving up by moving to another location.

Advertising for the move, getting customers "moving with you" can take months and could suggest a loss of sales. By selecting a commercial addition over moving, you are using this opportunity to keep your location and customer recognition but still adapt to the necessary changes of your business.

What to Expect with a Commercial Addition

When you hire a JLC Construction for a commercial addition, from the beginning we partner with you to build what you need, how you need it. We will work with you within budget and within the parameters or your project scope.  JLC  will work with you to complete the plans and will file the necessary permits.

We will begin building the addition prior to making any interior changes to the current building so you will only notice these new additions from the outside. Once the framework and outside structure for the addition are complete, JLC Construction will begin deconstructing the inside wall of the current building that will attach to the commercial addition. We will work to keep the interference with your normal course of business at a minimum.

Types of Business that Can Benefit from a Commercial Addition

Any business that is experiencing growth can benefit from a commercial addition to sustain that increase in its customer base. Some of the most common types of businesses that benefit from commercial additions to support and sustain their growth are:  assisted living facilities and nursing homes, medical offices, thriving non-chain restaurants, specialty and department stores, private and charter schools, and churches. These businesses cite the main reason to utilize a commercial additions over new real estate is because of their known location to their customer base.

How will it Affect my Customers?

If you are trying to decide how to approach your business growth needs, then consider what is best for your customers! How will they benefit from this change?  What will be the impact on your customer base from this addition or move? If an addition is the best option, then please contact us!  Call or Text 904.309.3045